We believe students develop important character, leadership, and personal and practical skills through participation in athletics. 

At Southridge, we believe athletics acts as a means for our students to develop a deeper connection with the school by fostering a sense of spirit. We believe that participation in athletics assists students to develop an appreciation for the importance of lifelong physical activity and well-being. 

We offer representative athletic opportunities for Grades 3-7 students:
(these teams compete in the ISEA Championships only and are not part of the athletics practice schedule).  

  • Cross-country (Grades 3-7) 
  • Swimming (Grades 3-7)
  • Track (Grades 4-7)

Students will be given the opportunity to qualify for the Cross Country (Grades 3-7) and Track and Field (Grades 4-7) ISEA Championships during PE classes based on a qualifying threshold. To qualify for the Swimming ISEA Championships (Grade 3-7), students must be members of an out-of-school competitive swimming club, where their training will occur. There will not be any in-school swim training provided.

We offer competitive athletic opportunities for Grades 5-7 students:  

  • Girls Volleyball (Fall)
  • Boys Soccer (Fall)
  • Girls Soccer (Spring)
  • Girls and Boys Basketball (Winter)
  • Co-ed Ultimate Frisbee (Spring)