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One act can change lives.

At Southridge, service and service learning are defining parts of every student's experience. Service learning allows students to develop analytical critical thinking skills, research skills, and effective communication skiIIs, both in advocating for others and reflecting on their own experiences. Through espousing causes and standing up for what is right, students grow into strong and genuine leaders. Finally, because the context of their learning is embedded in serving others, the associated character development is potentially tremendous and transformative. 

Service at Southridge is both highly visible in well-publicized, overt events and subtly embedded in the daily life of the school. It varies in scope from the random act of kindness between children in the hallway to the global relationships with sister communities halfway around the world. Yet throughout its diverse expressions, it embodies some commonalities/common themes that make it both distinct and unique. 

What is service at Southridge? 

Service is the act of reaching beyond oneself to help others. It means responding to the needs of others rather than simply focusing on those of the self. It is a critical component of being a functioning member of any community, but at Southridge, the degree and intensity of this response are particularly high. Beyond this characteristic, service here  has  several guiding principles that make it genuine and  powerful: 

At Southridge, one of our four defining pillars is the service we provide to each other and to the wider local and global communities. We believe that it is through service that we become our highest and best selves. We define service as having these five qualities:

  • It involves hands-on experiences in which students actively interact with others. This allows students to learn that while people have different appearances and experiences, we are essentially alike. These experiences provide an opportunity for the kinds of transformative interactions that often form the base for a deep, enduring sense of empathy.
  • It is based upon rich, long-term, rich relationships developed over years of continuing exchange between our students and those they serve. The steady engagement in service ensures our service partners’ needs are consistently met over time, and creates opportunities for deeper interactions that foster more trusting, comfortable relationships.
  • It is both local and international in scope, recognizing our roles as members of the local community and as responsible global citizens. We don’t calculate relative value by where, how and whom we serve; working with those in our local community is just as important as contributing with an overseas cause. 
  • It develops leadership by supporting student-generated and organized activities that empower students while also helping them develop skills to make a difference now. Students attach more value to these practical skills.
  • Service is always understood to be an essential and even the defining element of the Southridge experience.
Leadership Experience Week


Sandwich Making for Soup Kitchen

Sandwich Making for Soup Kitchen

Christmas Hamper Wrapping


2014 Kenya Service Trip

2014 Kenya Service Trip


Clothing Drive