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Life Hacks
Mackenzie Neufeld

Light Bulb

Hello everyone, and welcome to the seventh and last edition of the Chronicle! Of course, life hacks are completely necessary in our final edition. These life hacks will be directed towards those battling exam stress. The end of the year is undoubtedly exciting as summer approaches, but it also means that exams are on their way. As a Southridge student in my fifth year, I can attest to the stress that comes with exams, so I am here to help!

Life Hack #1

Prioritise your time! Exams are nearly three weeks away, so now is the perfect time to start studying! I suggest printing out a blank calendar to get started. With a different coloured pen for each subject, write down the subjects you should be studying on certain days, and make sure to indicate how much time should be spent on each individual subject. For example, if you're in grade ten, you could shape your calendar like this: "Thursday - English (2 hours) Science (1 hour), Friday - Science (1 hour) Math (2 Hours)." In order for this system to be effective, you will have to keep up with the schedule. Make changes if necessary, but do your best to follow it and use your time wisely! This method will definitely prepare you for exams!

Life Hack #2

Avoid social media! I am guilty of getting distracted by my phone. It's always fun to see what your friends are up to on Instagram & Snapchat, but it won't seem so fun if you get a bad exam mark back! In my experience, I have found it useful to take an hour long break after school to unwind and refresh your brain. Then, when the break has ended, I put my phone on a shelf in my kitchen and leave it there until I go to sleep at night. Uninterrupted studying is the key to success, and everytime you pick up your phone, you lose focus. It is best to dedicate yourself 100% to studying, without distractions. I promise you that you will do much better on your exams if you take a break from social media and give your schoolwork your undivided attention.

Life Hack #3

Sleep is the real determining factor of whether or not you will perform well during exams. I am definitely guilty of staying up until one or two o'clock in the morning to cram in some last minute studying, but this is not effective at all. In fact, studies show that the teenage brain begins to wind down around 9 o'clock in the evening, meaning that not much information, if any, will be retained after this time. I recommend studying until 9 o'clock at the latest, then go straight to bed. Try to avoid going on your phone before bed, as it tends to be a distraction and can definitely interrupt your sleep. I have found myself caught in a YouTube vortex many times before bed, and it has definitely resulted in a much more tired Mackenzie in the morning. So, sleep is integral to your success during exams! Do not try to cram in extra information at a late hour, because it will end up hurting you instead of helping you!

I hope you enjoyed these life hacks, everyone! I wish you the best of luck in exams this year :)

Mackenzie Neufeld