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Relay for Life - Record Funds Raised!
Avery Martin

Relay for Life Montage

On April 27th, we had over two hundred participants out to the 3rd annual Southridge Relay for Life. Spearheaded by Grade 11 student and Southridge's 2018/2019 Head Boy Jaden Sanghe and his committee, the event was flawless.

As a member of both the marketing and communications teams on the committee it was fantastic to see the outstanding culmination of our hard work throughout the year. The committee had started meeting back in November and had worked tirelessly up until the event day. This year we had the opportunity to really develop the relay into our own personal event as it was Jaden's first year as the committee leader. As a committee we really attempted to create connections this year with local businesses as well as our school community. We unified all of the participants this year and put everyone on the main grass field unlike past years where people were spread across the property. This research was truly impactful to Southridge alumni Serena Bonneville who came and talked to all of the participants about her story battling cancer as a Grade 12 Southridge Student.

Jaden was extremely successful at running the event as anticipated and really pushed our relay #beaherodonthavezero. This lead to the fewest zeros in Southridge history as well as a record breaking $104,000 raised for pediatric cancer research.

Avery Martin - Grade 11