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Student Life

In the Senior School we call them Coordinators, but they really fill the function of what the French call animateurs, people who animate, or bring to life, informal education, social groups or creative expression. Since academic and character development are woven together in the Southridge experience, our coordinators play a key role in making sure that the whole person – in every student – develops in and out of the classroom.

The Upper Division Coordinator and Lower Division Coordinator become the school’s eyes and ears, alert to opportunities to engage students and to foster the spirit that makes Southridge a light-hearted place of serious purpose where individuals who will make a difference in the world are developed.

Coordinators are creators and nurturers of community. They get to know students as individuals and communicate with other faculty and parents on discipline and student-life issues. They cultivate a feel for the pulse of their division, understanding the social dynamics and steering peer-to-peer relationships in a healthy direction. They are a key part of the network that looks out for the best interests of each student and shepherds the student body as a whole. They help enrich the expression and sharing of Southridge’s distinct culture, student by student.