Advisory System

We believe that one mentor or trusted adult can make a difference in a child’s life. That’s why, as students enter the Senior School, they are assigned to an advisor in their student House (Hurricane, Blizzard, Lightning, or Thunder).

Advisory Groups ensure that every student has a strong personal connection to a staff member who knows their goals and interests, and who can offer support for their academic progress and personal growth from Grade 8
through Grade 12.

With strong support, our students take risks, grow, and achieve

Each Advisory Group consists of 10 to 12 students in a cross-grade grouping who meet every morning with their teacher Advisor, much like a homeroom system. The Advisor serves as a supporter, sounding board, motivator, and team builder. They encourage students to celebrate their accomplishments, reflect on their challenges, and set goals. Advisors also:

  • Encourage students to become involved in service opportunities and school activities
  • Meet with students individually to discuss issues
  • Listen to concerns
  • Help with academic planning
  • Act as a liaison between students and other teachers, parents, counselors, and administration

Once a year, students lead a conference between their Advisor and parents to discuss their academic and personal progress.