Board of Stewards

The Board of Stewards is a group of student leaders from across the school whose goal is to help create a community where every spirit soars. 

Stewards are expected to lead by personal example, and to embody the attitudes and behaviours outlined in our Guiding Principles. Each Steward holds a program position with specific responsibilities, and they work with teacher advisors to learn leadership skills and run programs. As part of their learning, Stewards are fully accountable to the Board and the school for the success of their section of a program.

Students learn the skills they need today, to become tomorrow’s leaders

2017-2018 Board of StewardsThroughout the experience, Stewards learn leadership skills such as accountability, risk-taking, team-building, and how to run a program. The advisor's role is to encourage, advise, and support the Steward.

Some Steward positions are filled through student elections, while others are awarded through a formal application process when particular skills and experience are required. There are no grade-level restrictions; positions are open to all who apply. 

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