Board of Stewards

The Board of Stewards is a group of students who seek to demonstrate their commitment to Southridge through personal, daily leadership in a specific program area. The Board's mandate is to lead all Southridge students on a path where every spirit soars. By personal example and through school activities, the Stewards are meant to embody the attitudes and behaviours defined in the school’s guiding principles.

2017-2018 Board of StewardsSouthridge understands that leadership is learned. It develops through practice in an environment that offers opportunities for such learning. The Board offers great leadership experience through various program positions, each of which has a job description. Each student Steward is fully accountable to the Board and the school for the success of that aspect of the program.

Teacher advisors support our Stewards as they accept responsibility, take risks, run programs, and learn leadership skills. The advisor's role is to encourage, advise, inspire, and stand by the Steward.

Some positions are filled through student elections; others are awarded, through a formal application process when a particular skill and experience is necessary. Both processes provide excellent training that prepare students for real-life experiences. There are no grade-level restrictions; positions are open to all who choose to apply.