Southridge’s co-curricular programs are aligned with the school’s mission and vision as they help develop well-rounded and balanced students.

Our after school clubs and activities provide opportunities for student and teacher relationships to develop and flourish. Whether on the playing field, practicing debate, creating a piece of art, biking the Kettle Valley, kayaking, or snowshoeing, students get to know each other in a new environment. It is during these times that friendships with other students and important relationships with teachers and coaches are built that may not otherwise occur.

At Southridge, Senior School students are expected to participate actively in our co-curricular program. In fact, all Grade 8 students are encouraged to try out for and participate in our core sport offerings. As a result, this has facilitated many students discovering an athletic interest or passion.

All the opportunities for co-curricular involvement in both the Junior and Senior Schools help students connect to the community and build relationships.