School Spirit

Alan Brown, our founding Head of School, described Southridge as “a lighthearted place of serious purpose”. While Southridge is dedicated to providing a rigorous learning environment, we are also committed to providing opportunities for our students to have fun by taking part in a variety of activities that build happy memories of their time together and school spirit. These activities help create a safe, supportive, and loving environment where joy is part of school life.

Students in all grades enjoy participating in many lighthearted spirit activities and events throughout  the year. Some favourites include the Terry Fox Run, Halloween, dress-up theme days, social events, Feasts, and Sports Fun Day. The last Friday of the month is Casual Day where students can wear their regular clothing to school.

25th Anniversary House Party

On September 13, 2019, our K-12 students, parents, faculty and staff celebrated the kick-off of our 25th anniversary with an epic House Party! This was also the first official event since amalgamating the Junior and Senior School house systems. There were fun games and competitions, delicious food trucks and tents, and so much more! Check out the video below for highlights.

House System

Every member of the Southridge community belongs to one of four Houses: Blizzard, Hurricane, Lightning, and Thunder. Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and parents take great pride in representing their Houses, each of which has a distinct colour and logo! Throughout the school year, students compete for House points and at the end of the year, the House with the most points is awarded the highly-coveted Golden Boots Award.

Students sit with their Houses at full-school assemblies and connect for a variety of other K-12 events during the school year. The relationships that are created during these fun times together represent an important part of our commitment to ensuring that everyone in the Southridge community feels connected and known.

Meet Sal! Our School Mascot


Sal is our beloved school mascot  - a splendid half orca and half eagle, whose name was inspired by combining 'Southridge' and our founding Headmaster's name 'Alan'. 

Sal can often be found singing our school song at assemblies, greeting guests at Open Houses, celebrating with students at House parties, or cheering on our athletics teams. Wherever you find Sal, you're sure to find groups of students, happily enjoying time together and making wonderful memories at Southridge.

Sal was the result of significant student input, which is another important element of the Southridge experience. Including the voices and opinions of students is highly-valued in our community, and Sal is the result of this collaborative mindset. 

Read the story of how Sal was created!

School Song - "Omnis Anima Volet"

Our school song was written by lifer teacher, Steve Burrage and it was sung for the first time by our community in 1995 at our school's official opening ceremony. Since then, students, parents, faculty and staff have continued to sing the song at every full school assembly. In 2019, Mr. Burrage edited the lyrics slightly to be more contemporary and current. The updated song was shared at the opening full school assembly in September 2019, as part of the start to our 25th anniversary year.

Our school song is a joyful and fun part of the Southridge experience (hand actions and all!).