School Spirit

Alan Brown, our founding Head of School, described Southridge as “a light-hearted place of serious purpose”. While Southridge is dedicated to providing a focused, rigorous learning environment, we are also committed to providing opportunities for our students to have fun by taking part of a variety of activities that build happy memories of their time together and school spirit. These activities help create the safe supportive, and loving environment where joy is part of school life.

In the Junior School, we have a number of days throughout the year when students are encouraged to be creative and participate in lighthearted spirit activities. Several days per term students may alter their uniform in a specific way or dress up for crazy tie day, wacky sock day, twin day, wacky hair day, pajama day and Halloween. Students really look forward to casual days, when they replace uniform items to represent certain themes within the PYP program. Sports days allow for friendly competition and recreation for all students. All of these events provide students the opportunity to connect outside the classroom through spirited activities.

Although the Senior School program at Southridge is very challenging, students have many opportunities to relax, have fun and participate in Spirit activities. Early in the school year there is a House Picnic, held off school grounds, in which everyone participates in house activities led by the House captains. New students are welcomed into their new House, and everyone has the chance to play games and connect with old and new friends.

On Halloween, everyone can come to school in costume and join the costume competition. Creativity flowers as students often combine their ideas and talents to create a team costume. House points are also awarded based on rankings in the competitions.

Each month the Senior School has a casual day, on which students can wear casual clothes when they make a donation to charity. Hoops for Heart and TREK are service events that students may participate in and have grown into a Southridge tradition. In the annual Hoops for Heart event, students compete in their advisory groups and get pledges for their participation. This is also combined with Dress Red Day, which is a wacky Spirit Day on which everyone wears red.