Student Exchanges

Student exchanges offer an immersion experience like no other. For our students, it’s an opportunity to fully experience and appreciate another culture, make international friendships, expand their point-of-view, and see how other families live. Exchanges teach our students that no matter where they live, young people around the world share similar desires and goals.

Exchanges expand our students' world view

As part of our drive to develop global citizens with an awareness of issues and cultures beyond their own borders, Southridge offers student exchanges lasting from four to six weeks.

Students in Grades 9 to 11 can apply to study and live with students from a partner school, and then host them in return.  During the exchange, they live with families from our exchange partner schools.

Current Exchange Schools

  • Central Coast Grammar School, Erina Heights, Australia

  • Ballarat Grammar School, Ballarat, Australia

  • Ruyton School, Melbourne, Australia

  • Trinity Grammar School, Melbourne, Australia

  • Collège François-de-Laval, Quebec City