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Student Trips

We believe that a school trip can be a defining moment in a young person’s life. We seek to provide such moments that offer enriched learning and experiential opportunities. Spending time away from school with teachers and fellow students allows relationships to develop that otherwise would not occur. These positive experiences and shared adventures with teachers --outside of the classroom and away from familiar surroundings -- create conditions which allow exceptional learning and bonding to occur.

Examples of our school trips our students and teachers have enjoyed include:

  • Costa Rica – Volunteer community service
  • Guatemala Service
  • India Service
  • Kenya Service
  • Ecuador – Volunteer community service
  • Cuba – Jazz Band trip
  • Europe Battlefields Tour
  • Europe Concert Band Tour
  • France Creative Expressions Course
  • UK – Boys Rugby team and Girls Soccer team
  • California and Florida – Boys Basketball

The opportunity for our students to travel, learn, explore and engage with people from around the world while expanding their view about their role in the world and the difference they can make, helps contribute to our successful school trips program.


2018 Uganda Service Trip Photos

2018 Cuba Jazz Band Trip Photos

Student Trips News

All About Uganda!

On March 26th, myself, along with 23 other students and three teachers, left Vancouver and set out for Uganda.